About Dr. Eloi-Stiven


Marie Lynne Eloi-Stiven, MD

Welcome to www.myskinpeelmd.com

Move over facials and hello skin peels! If you are looking for immediate results and not just a facial mask then My Skin Peel MD (Spa Doc, LLC) is where you need to be. You will not find a spa here or fancy artwork and waterfalls to distract you. If you are serious about your skin, then you need an experienced skin care professional to care for your skin. It will be just your skin peel MD and your skin. That’s it!

Dr. Eloi-Stiven will directly care for your skin with an integrative approach to facial rejuvenation. First your skin will be analyzed, and a treatment plan will be instituted. A series of glycolic, salicylic, or lactic acid chemical peels will be utilized to exfoliate and improve skin imperfections. 

About Your Skin Peel MD

Marie Lynne Eloi-Stiven, MD was born in raised in Carson, California.  She has a total of six siblings, and she is the second eldest daughter.  Her parents emigrated from Haiti to seek a better life.  They encouraged her to pursue a career in medicine.

She attended the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine (USC) and graduated with a Doctorate in Medicine in 1997. She completed a residency in Family Medicine at Pomona Valley Hospital Medicine Center/UCLA in 2000. She was chief resident her second year in training. After completing her residency, she obtained additional training in skin care techniques at the International Dermal Institute in New York City  She continues to practice medicine in New York and New Jersey.