Oily Skin

The Oily Skin Type

Fight Sebum

Oily Skin results from excessive sebum production.  The sebum accumulates on the skin and produces a shine. The sebaceous glands reside adjacent to the hair follicle to provide moisturization to hair. In the cross section of the skin pictured below you will see sebaceous glands that are around the hair follicle. The sebum or oil can accumulate and clog pores and lead to comedonal and/or inflammatory acne.  The bacterium that is associated with acne is called P. acnes. This bacteria feed on the free fatty acids from the sebum and flourish.

Oily skin can be caused by hormonal changes.  Androgens that are produced in the body such as testosterone can cause increased oil production.   Women with polycystic ovarian disease, metabolic syndrome, and fluctuating hormone levels may present with oily skin.  There are various ways to combat oil production in the skin.

Firstly, if you have oily skin you should moisturize.  If your glands that produce sebum, sense that your skin is dry if is possible that more sebum will be produced.  Use of a hydrating moisturizer or an oil free moisturize will do just the trick.  Also, remember to use a toner to tighten the pores and to hydrate the skin.

Buy our Spa Doc Salicylic Acid cleanser to unclog pores, decrease inflammation, and wash away sebum.  This cleanser is friendly enough for all skin types. 

Oily skin regimen: salicylic acid cleanser, botanical effects toner, MK oil free moisturizer, and Bion Sunscreen